(last update: 2019-05-06 11:39)
Our Company

We have an international reputation as a successful, innovative family company for Automotive Workshop Industry. Our success is based on our specific expertise in the application of forward-looking technologies.

Our Visions

We see ourselves now and in the future as a decisive modern company which is happy to face up to new challenges and to change. Our aim is to develop our company further by means of specific product differentiation in related areas to ensure the company’s long-term future.

Our staff

As a team with our employees we are internationally successful throughout Europe. We proudly refer to their performance, their know-how and their loyalty. We promote performance and creativity, demand personal responsibility and individual initiative and create an open basis for communication.

Strategic goals
  • in all countries in which we operate, to be number one in the garage trade.
  • to increase our revenues and profitability through continuous growth
  • to secure our cost leadership through continuous process optimization
  • to reach the largest possible number of customers and their maximum satisfaction
  • for all dealers and distributors who work with us to be the leading manufacturer
  • always be a reliable acting, socially oriented and environmentally responsible company
Our safety ethos

We take safety very seriously. We promote and monitor this by means of training courses, continual checks, documentation (logs) and appropriate instruction. We comply actively and fully with the SCC regulations on our premises and in our products.

Our products

Superior quality and constant refinement of our products are responsible for our international position, thanks to the rapid implementation of innovative ideas using state-of-the-art technologies. We regard a constant determination to ensure process safety, zero faults and reliability at all levels of the company as an integral part of our work.

Our customers

A comprehensive consultancy service and high-quality solutions make us a privileged partner for our customers. We attempt to process our orders reliably, in accordance with the state of the art and economically, taking due account of safety and environmental principles.

Our success

Our goal is to achieve outstanding results. The standards of a competitive international industry are our benchmark. We see making a profit as a prerequisite for safeguarding the continued existence and long-term development of our company.

Our quality

We take the wishes andassumption of our customers seriously. Our products are created with highest care and precision. Quality controls and quality improvement are intended to drive current innovations. We ensure professional results at the highest level by means of targeted training programs and our own apprentice workshops.